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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The trouble with padded bra's

It is a fairly well known fact that Asian girls arn't much cop in the breast department, and nor should a woman be necessarily judged by the size of her breasts. BUT when a girl goes out to decieve a man into believing she has a set that would make a Jersey cow jealous then that's surely a different story.

In China it's hard to find a bra that isn't seriously padded, so desirous of larger breasts, Chinese girls actualy would have some difficulty finding a normal bra.....not that they are trying. How disapointed the men must be at the point of whipping that bra off only to discover not the alps but instead the Serengetti plains.

I myself have had such an experience and must say it's one hell of a disapointment. Don''t get me wrong, I'm not actualy looking for that in a woman but when I do expect to get it that's another story!

There should be some kind of law against it, a trades description act or something; since China has joined the W.T.O surely something can and should be done. It should be one of the stipulations of China joining the W.T.O that over some years China has to reduce the amount of padded bra's in circulation and make a smooth transition to fake breasts.

Still I might have it all wrong, as my ex-girlfriend commented to me when I told her of this travesty :"well, thats your problem isn''t it, your'e the ones attracted to them". She has a good point.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had one chinese girl with fake tits they were nice, and she always walked around naked, crazy though that was in Daqing before I moved to Changchun with you. PS what was the word of the day??

13 December, 2006  

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