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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Crash Your Car

On my way to teach English at the school everyday it's a fairly common occurance for me to see a car crash. This mostly is due to the fact that Chinese people drive like nutters, many of them having bought their licence instead of taking their test, but this is by no means the only reason. When Driving in China it's perfectly acceptable to overtake on the inside or to dangerously cut in front of another car. As for having some distance between you and the other car in front, well, that's non-existant.

The Chinese have an interesting practice of just leaving the cars that have crashed right in the middle of the road, no matter what the time of day, or how busy it is. They just stand there arguing with the people they have crashed into, waiting for the police to come..........and trust me....the police come very very slowly, especially if it's dinner time.

One time I went to work at about 5pm and saw two cars crashed into each other on one of the main roads in the city; about four hours later on my way home the very same cars were still there blocking up the road, with the drivers still arguing with each other.

The driving in the winter snow is even more dangerous, having said that, the worst drivers are not the people driving too fast, it's the rich women with a brand new mercedes driving at ten miles an hour the wrong way down a one way street(very common).


Blogger Teknorat said...

I find your blog fascinating and informative, but I do have a question. Why is your spelling so bad if you're an English teacher? :P

11 February, 2008  

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